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Apr-07-2016, 8:48am
A very old folk instrument called DOTARA mainly seen in the eastern parts of India. I played a very old popular folk no on this instrument in an India TV channel interview. Sharing this with you.

Apr-07-2016, 9:36am
Interesting - I've seen dotara with a smooth metal fingerboard like a mini-sarod. Yours looks like it has frets. Nice!

Apr-07-2016, 9:50am
What is the folk style called? It seems similar to some Greek music.

Apr-07-2016, 11:11am
Cool stuff. Puts out a lot of sound for such a small instrument.

Jim Garber
Apr-07-2016, 1:41pm
Pradipto: very nice. I love that tune. Is it played for dancing? And how much improvising do you when playing it?

Also: what is the tuning for dotara? Wikipedia says "Soh(lower)-Do-Do-Fah" which would be (low to high) GCCF. is that the tuning you use?

Ah, maybe this is a better web page (http://chandrakantha.com/articles/indian_music/dotora.html)?

For convenience here is the video.