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Martin Jonas
Apr-03-2016, 6:12pm
This is a famous English country dance tune in 9/8 time, appearing in an earlier form as "Roger of Coverley" in the 9th Edition (1695) of Playford's Dancing Master, and remaining popular throughout the 18th and 19th century (it appears in Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" and in books by Thackeray, George Eliot, Washington Irving and D.H. Lawrence). "Sir Roger de Coverley" was also the name of a fictitious letter writer in "The Spectator" in 1710/11, and an 18th century line of Royal Doulton pottery, as shown in the video images,

My recording is the plain melody played over a tenor guitar rhythm, first on mandolin and then joined in unison on ukulele (in mandolin tuning) and second tenor guitar.

Mid-Missouri M-0W mandolin
Ozark tenor guitar
Baroq-ulele nylgut-strung mandolin
Vintage Viaten tenor guitar


Dave Hanson
Apr-04-2016, 1:30am

Dave H

cayuga red
Apr-16-2016, 7:06am
Well played! Thank you for posting.