View Full Version : Finnish mandolinist plays Bach, Jazz, Choro, Nordic Folk etc.

Mar-24-2016, 8:32am

I´m a Finnish mandolin player and held a solo mandolin concert recently at a local restaurant. Here are a couple of video clips from the concert. The first one features the famous Prelude from J.S. Bach´s first Cello Suite (I actually played the suite in full during the first part of my concert). The second one is basically a collection of short snippets from the various tunes included in my set list. So in addition to Bach you get to hear some jazz standards, a little bit of Brazilian music, some Nordic folk music etc. I hope you enjoy the videos and please leave a comment, it would be great to hear from you!



Mar-24-2016, 12:42pm
Nicely done. The cello suite was my favorite bit.

Jim Garber
Mar-24-2016, 8:22pm
Very nice playing, Risto. You have a lovey touch on the mandolin too — very musical.

Dave Hanson
Mar-25-2016, 2:27am
Nice playing.

Dave H

Mar-26-2016, 5:07am
Thanks for your kind comments, I truly appreciate them! The mandolin I play here is a 2014 Gibson F-9.