View Full Version : Living room turned recording studio - Eastwood Emando

Greg Pauza
Mar-20-2016, 4:05pm
Turned the living room into a pseudo recording studio this weekend and recorded a pretty cool tune with my pal Sean on drums and bass. Listeners might notice the obvious lack of mandolin on the track, but the guitar sounding thing is my eastwood electric mandola tuned down to an octave mandolin.144678


Mar-21-2016, 4:44am
Nice! :mandosmiley: I like it, :) cool mellow groove. :mandosmiley: :) I've been contemplating one of those Eastwood mandolas for a while now, wish they made a 5-string one (GDAEB), I've been making do with a regular electric guitar and just moving the capo around for kind of a 2-in-1 instrument. Anyway, nice music there, thanks for posting. :)