View Full Version : laminate-top crafter

May-10-2005, 10:58pm
i'd like to think it's my playing that's improved but seriously folks ... the sound of my laminate-top crafter is much better than when i first bought it. louder and more even. i thought laminates weren't supposed to improve with age - only solid tops got better?

- bill

May-10-2005, 11:16pm
Maybe its like a slotmachine, 3 pieces of wood of varying randomly selected qualitys.
pull down that handle, and see what happens.

pears, cherrys, bells, , what else is there on the display drums that spin on those things?

May-10-2005, 11:48pm
good answer. like everything else, it all depends on the individual. thanks - bill

May-11-2005, 5:38pm
Sometimes after getting to know an instrument you just instictively understand it's strength's and weakness's and you play it accordingly. The axe doesn't improve and maybe you don't either, but the way you work as a "team" becomes more singular...and NO I did NOT major in Philosphy ;-)

May-11-2005, 7:15pm
diplomacy perhaps? ... public relations? ...

May-19-2005, 2:24am
Lots of instruments break in with lots of playing.It just does'nt happen (that people notice) with laminate tops.How many hours do you figure you've put in on it by now? Maybe that might be a good question to answer...Kerry

May-19-2005, 4:35am
i'm not sure ... to find that out i'd have to stop playing ffcp scales, take my left hand off the neck, turn it around and look at my wrist. #last time i did that was ... ahhhhhh ... gosh! - sometime ago ... pre-crafter.