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Mar-13-2016, 4:17am
Hi all, this is my first post on the forum, so i'll introduce myself briefly..

I currently live in Hanoi, Vietnam, and although I usually play Irish reels and jigs, i've decided to start learning some of the local folk songs that I hear every day in the streets, from neighbours and from the temple. Some of the music seems to work surprisingly well on the mandolin.

I've attached a song called 'Dng buc giang h' , which is the first song i've been able to memorise by ear and play on mandolin, although it took a long time to work out. If anyone is interested in hearing some more traditional music from North Vietnam, i'll try to work out some more.

Also, if there is anyone on this forum, who already plays this kind of music on their mandolin, it would be great to hear from you :)


Mar-13-2016, 7:01am
That was very pretty, well done. I agree, that does work well on mandolin, especially with the way you used tremolo.

Mar-13-2016, 9:59am
Sounds cool.

I have a Vietnamese made mandolin, with the side holes - I really like it!

Mar-13-2016, 11:46am
You play very well and I like the tune.

Mar-15-2016, 7:44am
Thanks for the feedback, I've worked out a couple more, but not all work solo on a mandolin.

DavidKOS, do you know who made your mandolin? Theres one well known luthier here in the north, and two that I know if in the south.

Mar-15-2016, 1:14pm
I think it was for these guys, mine looks identical:



It has the side sound holes.


A thread on it

Evidently the name is "Đức Ngn".