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Mar-10-2016, 8:20am
After having built my mandoline, it was necessary well that I have fun with. Especially also, one should not be serious and give pleasure with humorous things. About mandolincafé, some know that I like to laugh.
Sorry for bad english, i am a poor french ....
The pleasure is never to be caught with the serious one. This is my way of showing it.


F-2 Dave
Mar-10-2016, 8:44am
Very nice. Your mandolin looks and sounds lovely. Did you use a Bluestar or Comet mandolin as a pattern?

Bertram Henze
Mar-10-2016, 8:56am
Very elaborate, and played eye-twistingly upside down :cool:

JH Murray
Mar-10-2016, 10:10am
Il est merveilleux . Bravo!

Mar-10-2016, 12:02pm
There is an earlier thread on his mandolin.
Nice video.

Mar-10-2016, 12:14pm
Thank you, friends of mandolincafé ! Thank you for your congratulations !
To answer F2 Dave, not, I did not use of model. I made with my only desire and with my only ideas. Like specifies it Billhay, there is a video where I explain the manufacturing of this mandoline.
It's here

Mar-10-2016, 12:23pm
Tres bien!

Mark Gunter
Mar-10-2016, 8:15pm
Ha ha! Very nice mandoline, very nice playing. You play well left-handed and upside-down. Also, I enjoyed your humor with the introduction. Bravo!

Don Grieser
Mar-10-2016, 9:27pm
So cool.
Anyone remember this one?

Mar-11-2016, 12:51am
Ah, the mandoline! How this instrument is marvellous! Don't I remember if I had already told my story of love with it? I discovered and started to play of the mandoline at the 6 y.o.. Then, around 13 y.o. , I changed for an electric guitar to play in an group of rock'n roll.
I played of the electric guitar during nearly 45 years (today 69 y.o.). hard rock, and even hard metal ! And then, 3 years ago now, I heard Neapolitan Cd of mandoline. And my heart it is put to beat very extremely. The following day, I bought a mandoline. A true revelation! Great happiness!
As I always manufactured my instruments, I manufactured myself one, then two, then three mandolines (out of carbon) My dreamed étaitr to carry out a " vraie" mandoline in " vrai" wood! Here, it is with that which I have played manintenant for a few months. Pure happiness, even of the left hand.
To answer the nice remark of Mark Gunter, in the clips which I post on youtube, I want to always put a little humour, for rendering comprehensible well that I am not caught at all with the serious one.
Thank you in any case still with you all for your compliments!
Long life for mandolin !

Mar-11-2016, 1:41am
... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCMxUwzY1BY

Excellent! :mandosmiley: I love the music and the mandolin. Very nice! :mandosmiley: :)

Mar-11-2016, 7:41am
just great!


Mar-11-2016, 11:29pm
Just a question with accustomed of this forum. I would like to know if there is a user group who plays like me, of the left hand, but with a very normal mandoline.
If this is not exist, how to make to create a group of discution.
Thank you

Mar-12-2016, 4:46pm
Beautiful! It's the sound of these beautiful instruments that got me to start playing 35 years ago!

Mar-12-2016, 10:09pm
thank you very much, Jack674.
As I already explained, after having had one traverses musical provided good, I returned to my very first musical instrument: the mandoline. Since, it is absolute musical happiness.,

Jim Garber
Mar-13-2016, 7:19pm
Just a question with accustomed of this forum. I would like to know if there is a user group who plays like me, of the left hand, but with a very normal mandoline.
If this is not exist, how to make to create a group of discution.
Thank you

I have a friend who plays that way. He is a fantastic guitar player as well as mandolin. I also believe that Elizabeth Cotton of "Freight Train" fame played that way as well.


Mar-14-2016, 7:53am
Jim, Thanks for the Cotton video. I really enjoyed that.

carbonpiu, I really enjoyed watching both of your videos. Your mandolin design is really creative, and the instrument seems to have exceptional sustain.

Bertram Henze
Mar-14-2016, 12:35pm
I have a friend who plays that way.

Lee Pomeroy (Steve Hackett band, e.g.) does even doubly so.


Mar-14-2016, 1:40pm
Jez Lowe plays left handed as well. The curious thing is he is right handed.

Mar-14-2016, 9:58pm
Very nice, your left-handeds person! The fact, for a left-handed person, to play in a configuration of cords of right-handed never posed to me, problems. Certain agreements are a little more complex, but others are easier… Then, this is equitable.
Truth big problem is purely that of comfort, in the case of the mandolines of the type F, for example. But the fact of not reversing the cords and of preserving the configuration right-handed has an immense advantage: that to be able to use all the "normal" instruments