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Jake Wildwood
Mar-03-2016, 10:22am
I haven't posted over here in forever -- I'm simply a busybody, sorry guys! Mr. Dave kindly asked after me and so here I present my latest work in mando-related-land... :)





Above are 4 pics of a Stewart-branded Martin flatback. This is a velvety-delicious instrument tonally. It's like the best of the bowlback sound plus a lot more bottom.



Above are 2 pics of a L&H American Conservatory bowlback that got a tremendous amount of work -- neck reset, crack cleats (the yuck on the top isn't mine), bowl separation reglues, the neck block had to be reglued, and I had to replace a bunch of missing pearl trim and make a couple new bridges for it. Turned out nice, though!



Above are 2 pics of a Regal flatback (late 30s, early 40s) that turned-out with that nice old-timey flatback sound. I like the bigger necks on the old Regals.


Above is a 40s Regal-made mando that was really down on its luck -- so I made it a 4-string electric and it's a lot happier that way.


Here's a "Russian" mando orchestra pic I stole off of eBay... check out the nice array of 1st and 2nd-line Gib products...




Above are 3 pics of a Baby Taylor a friend had me make into a Cuban tres. I know it's not mando, but it's at least 3x2... :)


Above is a '30 Martin 5-17T I just finished up the other day.


...and here's a KTG-11 I also just finished recently. I love the sound of this one in the GDAE the customer wanted on it.

Mar-03-2016, 10:49am
Very cool - thanks for sharing!

Mar-03-2016, 10:49am
Thanks, Jake. Nice to see what you have been up to.

Curious pickguard on the Stewart / Martin. Don't think I've seen one with that little pointy before. I had a Ditson labeled Martin "B" for awhile (with the classic Martin pg) but the rosewood back on yours (graffiti notwithstanding) is much prettier. Had the same style long thin compensated bridge. Would enjoy getting a proper Martin B at some point.

Interesting array of instruments along with the bad haircuts in the photo, Jake. I can make out what looks like a couple Weymans in there, too. The one woman to the left with F-hole mandolin--what is that?

Any idea about the other m'cello in the front row?

Cool picture.


Jake Wildwood
Mar-03-2016, 11:03am
Any idea about the other m'cello in the front row?

It's a Kalamazoo m'cello like this one:


There's also a headstock peeking out from one of those Cromwell lump-scroll mandos (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?99190-Rare-Gibson-made-Cromwell-GM-6).

The Martin/Stewart shares the pickguard of a bowlback Stewart I worked on years ago that had a Martin serial for '23 inside:


I've worked on 2 other Stewart-branded Martins (guitars -- one a '23 and one w/no serial) and my guess is these Stewballs were all made that year.

Jake Wildwood
Mar-03-2016, 11:10am
p.s. Also note the Kalamazoo mandobass(!) in that ensemble pic.

p.p.s. Half of the supplies to build my own mandobass have arrived since yesterday... :)

Mar-03-2016, 12:01pm
Good to see you post. You're a busy man and your work is sterling as usual.

Mar-03-2016, 12:03pm
It's a Kalamazoo m'cello like this one:.

Well, that and the Cromwell puts the photo into the '30s, right? Later than I would have originally assumed from all the oval hole Gibsons. Cool.

Nice to see that Stewart Martin bowl. Martins sure look like Martins. 1923 is trending towards the late side for bowls, isn't it?


Mar-03-2016, 2:23pm
Nice stuff... interesting graffiti on the Martin, and the top on the Regal has some funky grain to it!

Jake Wildwood
Mar-03-2016, 3:56pm
Well, that and the Cromwell puts the photo into the '30s, right? Later than I would have originally assumed from all the oval hole Gibsons. Cool.

Yeah, I would guess late 30s.

The bowl at 1923 is quite late in the game, but B&J/Stewart ordered some weird stuff from Martin including this bizarre quart guitar gem:


Mar-03-2016, 5:23pm
Hi Jake I like the regal -did you put the multi-coloured inlay on it yourself or was it standard for that model?

Mar-04-2016, 7:18am
Looks like "Quack" made his mark at least three times--must have been a good friend.
I like the aged look of an old instrument that's been signed--makes you think sometimes about how many hands that old instrument has been through over the years.
I have an old banjo uke that has multiple faded signatures on the head.

Jake Wildwood
Mar-04-2016, 7:12pm
Hi Jake I like the regal -did you put the multi-coloured inlay on it yourself or was it standard for that model?

Regal used stuff like that a lot, though often it fades to browns with lots of UV exposure.