View Full Version : Gallatin With Upgrades

Loren Bailey
May-09-2005, 7:31pm
Here is the latest shots of my Gallatin after Darryl Wolfe got done putting on one of his Loar bridges and pickguards. #The sound is even better than before and love the feeling of letting my right hand slide back and forth over the pickguard.

Loren Bailey
May-09-2005, 7:32pm
Close up

Loren Bailey
May-09-2005, 7:33pm
I just missed sunset tonight, I'll try to get out tomorrow night and get some better pics of the pickguard, it's stunning. Darryl is quite a craftsman and one hell of a nice guy!


Darryl Wolfe
May-10-2005, 12:06pm
I've posted some progress pictures in the Builders section under building pickguards

Scotti Adams
May-10-2005, 12:20pm
..yes..Darryl certainly knows his stuff..looks great Loren.