View Full Version : The Ultimate Brilliancy

Don Grieser
Feb-29-2016, 10:59pm
Sam Bush with Chris Thile playing the harmony. :disbelief:

Feb-29-2016, 11:27pm
Amazing and beautiful! You should have been in some of the harmony classes at Monroe Camp.....those guys are just crazy good, especially MC and Dr. Brown together. I can barely play the damn tunes and they're doing harmony on the fly......:disbelief:

Steve Sorensen
Mar-01-2016, 2:19am
For some reason, I just like watching Tony Williamson listening to them. Mando-bliss.


Mark Seale
Mar-01-2016, 12:06pm
That is just crazy good.

Mar-01-2016, 7:53pm
that was great, thanks for posting

Mar-02-2016, 3:29am

Jim Hudson
Mar-02-2016, 9:36am
You got that right Steve, how cool would it be to be sitting between two of the most influential mando players ever while they wail away ... I think I'd of fainted or something worse.