View Full Version : Nava Standard Mandolin: maple and a fair bit of cocobolo!

GarY Nava
Feb-25-2016, 11:28am
This mandolin went out this week; another tense few days, it took almost as long to get to the Scottish Highlands as the previous one did to Japan! Anyway, it arrived safe and sound.
This mandolin started out as one of my “Standard” model mandolins (http://www.navaguitars.co.uk/standard.html) but a few upgrades were asked for; the cocobolo, abalone rosette and head inlay and under-saddle transducer. It has a satin shellac finish.





Cheers Gary

cayuga red
Feb-25-2016, 11:30am
Very beautiful instrument. Thank you for posting.

Eric F.
Feb-25-2016, 12:30pm
If that sounds as sweet as it looks, you've created another winner. Very nice, Gary.

Feb-25-2016, 1:12pm
That's sweet, looks like you've done it again!

Jill McAuley
Feb-25-2016, 1:37pm
Another beauty - new owner is very lucky!

Charles E.
Feb-25-2016, 9:05pm
Very nice indeed. Gary, how do you like the cocobolo bridge compared to ebony?

Skip Kelley
Feb-26-2016, 6:28am
That's nice Gary! The cocobolo is a nice compliment!

GarY Nava
Feb-26-2016, 11:01am
Very nice indeed. Gary, how do you like the cocobolo bridge compared to ebony?

Thanks Charley,
To be honest, there are quite a few things going on with the bridge, normally I use ebony with a bone saddle. This cocobolo one has a Micarta saddle which works better with the under saddle transducer that I’ve used. Also the bridge is a bit heavier too, to compensate for the deeper slot (to accommodate the transducer). That said, I can’t say that any of the above seemed to be detrimental to the sound!
Cheers Gary

Feb-26-2016, 4:25pm
Beautiful. The appointments are so tasteful. Great job.

Don Grieser
Feb-26-2016, 7:42pm
Very classy!

GarY Nava
Feb-28-2016, 11:37am
Hi Guys,
Many thanks for all of your positive comments: greatly appreciated!:)
Cheers Gary