View Full Version : New Tune from CD

Feb-23-2016, 7:00pm
Here is a tune from our new CD Beartracks: Friends.
Hope you enjoy.

Feb-24-2016, 9:29am
I am really sorry, the version that I uploaded was an old one, before the final mix. I will try to upload the fully mixed one today.

Feb-24-2016, 9:31am
For some reason, I cannot get the the new version to upload. I am sorry.

Feb-27-2016, 3:03pm
I have posted two tunes from the new CD on the Tresbear Music page at Facebook. One is a bluegrass fiddle tune, "Just in Time" and a gypsy tune, "Village Fete". Here is the link - https://www.facebook.com/TresbearMusic/ We hope you enjoy. This are the newest and almost in final mix form. We hope you enjoy. I realize this is a bit awkward, but our website is under construction and this is the best I can do at this time.

Jim Garber
Feb-27-2016, 3:09pm
Tony: I thought you could post directly to soundcloud in the advanced editing panels using the very last button on the bottom row, but that didn't work too well. In any ase you might as well just post a link to your Soundcloud page here (https://soundcloud.com/tresbearmusic).

Feb-27-2016, 3:26pm
Thank you Jim for your help. I am new at this. Pretty cool deal.

Feb-27-2016, 3:43pm
Ok, thanks to Jim Garber's help, there are now four tunes on the Tresbear Music Soundcloud page. Here is the link: https://soundcloud.com/tresbearmusic Two, "Just in Time" and "Beaux's Grin are bluegrass fiddle tunes, "Galway Coast" is Irish in feeling and Village Fete is gypsy in feeling. I wrote them. I hope you enjoy.