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Ivan Kelsall
Feb-18-2016, 11:08am
I've been off line for a couple of day while some home decorating's been going on. I hooked up this afternoon,thought i'd settle in for a couple of hours practice using my favourite 'go-to' i/net Bluegrass radio station,The Bluegrass Mix & it's gone !!!. This was the message :-
"I am sorry to inform our faithful and dedicated listeners that The Bluegrass Mix can no longer afford to stay on the internet stream.
This is due pretty much entirely on one entity who collects an ASTRONOMICAL fee involved in the performance royalties on the internet...":(
This is the 3rd I/net Bluegrass station that's bit the dust since i began listening to them. I'm wondering if i'm a bit of a jinx !.:grin:
I'll try to find another UK accessible one. The only one that i've listened to 'Doppelstop', seems to be a joke. It seems it plays anything as long as it's got a mandolin in it !,

Jim Taylor
Feb-18-2016, 7:46pm
Ivan, I'm going to miss them too.
Jim Taylor

Ivan Kelsall
Feb-19-2016, 3:34am
Hi Jim - I did a bit of digging around yesterday & found another Bluegrass station which might be ok :-
http://cast1.serverhostingcenter.com/start/brydietz/ ''Bluegrass Mid-America''. I've not had a chance to listen to it for any length of time yet,but what i did hear was ALL Bluegrass,
143777 Here's what they've just been playing.

Ivan Kelsall
Mar-05-2016, 6:04am
For anybody feeling withdrawal symptoms since 'The Bluegrass Mix' got pulled,somehow (?) it can be found here :-

Paul Cowham
Mar-05-2016, 12:10pm
The only one that i've listened to 'Doppelstop', seems to be a joke. It seems it plays anything as long as it's got a mandolin in it !,

This sounds well worth checking out for a mandolin enthusiast :)

I hope life is good Ivan, will be nice to catch up soon :mandosmiley:

Ivan Kelsall
Mar-06-2016, 2:52am
Hi Paul - I did find one very catchy tune on Doppelstop - Marit Larsen ''Only a Fool'' . A very beautiful young lady,so who cares about mandolins ??. This is pretty much like what i heard most of the time on Doppelstop,


Darrell D
Mar-06-2016, 1:28pm
Bluegrass Mix is back!!

Ivan Kelsall
Mar-07-2016, 1:54am
Hi Darrell - The Bluegrass Mix website was still showing their closing down info. the last time i checked it & i'd already found the ''other'' Bluegrass Mix. I'm pleased to see it come back. It's been a terrific source of 'pick along' music for me for a long time now,

Mar-08-2016, 2:38am
Have you tried radio Velvet? http://www.radiovelvet.eu/

Ivan Kelsall
Mar-09-2016, 2:13am
Hi Adrian - I've never heard of it but i'll check it out,

PS - I just checked it out & it appears to be the EU part of ''Bluegrass Mid-America'' which is available in several EU countries. See post #3.

Ivan Kelsall
May-17-2016, 4:42am
It looks like 'The Bluegrass Mix' has closed once more,this time for good. I think that they were 'running on fumes' for the past couple of months. It's sad to see such a great radio station close. I've bought more than a few CD's by bands that they've played,usually bands i hadn't heard of over here in the UK,:(