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mad dawg
Mar-04-2004, 9:33am
I was channel surfing in my room last night while on the road with work, and landed upon Steven King's "The Kingdom", a new series about a haunted hospital. I'm not quite sure what to think about the show yet, but a street scene on the show played to a background of The Gourd's cover of Snoop Dog's "Gin 'n Juice". Pretty cool, huh?

(By the way, The Gourds' CD with this song on it also has a great cover of "Ziggy Stardust" as well.)

Mar-04-2004, 3:04pm
Did ya notice the "PC" editing All reefer-ances to the chronic were edited out.:)

Mar-04-2004, 3:34pm
I get to open for the Gourds March 12 at the Continental Club in Houston. Yipee!

Frank Russell
Mar-05-2004, 11:30am
mandocaster - Is that the same Last Concert that I remember from thirty years ago? It was a dive then, but a great place to see shows. Where is the Continental Club? That also rings a bell. I grew up in Houston, but haven't been there but one time in twelve years or so. You're a lucky man, the Gourds are my favorite band. Frank

Mar-05-2004, 7:57pm
The Last Concert is still the same dive it has always been. Usually there are a fair number of bold rats that watch the shows along with the human audience. Nevertheless, it is still a good venue for all kinds of music.

The Continental Club has been open in Houston since 2000. It is affiliated with the club of the same name in Austin. It's downtown, on Main Street between Elgin and Alabama.

Yeah, I'm really pumped about the show.