View Full Version : My wife is the best ever!

Feb-04-2016, 12:20pm
We had took a trip up to Acoustic Musis Works back around Thanksgiving and I had fell in love with this MT Mandola. I had communicated back and forth with Steve since then trying to work out a possible trade or buy it straight out. I was heart broke to see on the website that it had sold! Little did I know it was sold to my wife who bought for me as a Valantine's gift. She decided since I'd be home alone all weekend she'd go ahead and give it to me. 143337 I do believe this is the nicest back I've seen on an MT Mandola.

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Denny Gies
Feb-04-2016, 12:25pm
She sounds like a keeper.

Northwest Steve
Feb-04-2016, 1:16pm
Beats a box of chocolate....enjoy it.

Bertram Henze
Feb-04-2016, 1:18pm
I hope you've got something to reciprocrate with.

Feb-04-2016, 1:28pm
Very nice!! I agree with you, that back is gorgeous.