View Full Version : Lima Bean Gumbo - Don Stiernberg

Feb-01-2016, 7:55pm
If you haven't seen Don Stiernberg's "Jazz Mandolin Appetizers", it's a great book for learning some new tunes and theory from the master himself.

Oh, and his disc "Swing 220" is also awesome....definitely my favorite non-bluegrass mandolin CD.

My jazz trio "Red House" loves to play the first song from "Appetizers", called "Lima Bean Gumbo".... someone in the (small) crowds we play for always says, "that song is cool! what is it?"

We were recording this weekend and took a stab at it. I play the melody pretty straight the first time and then we do some guitar and mandolin improv...


F-2 Dave
Feb-02-2016, 8:42am
Sounds really good. Which mandolin are you using?

Feb-02-2016, 9:07am
Sounds really good. Which mandolin are you using?

Thanks Dave! I used the Flatiron; I had never used it for recording so I wanted to give it a try.