View Full Version : Original piece on mandocello and mandola

Jan-31-2016, 10:41pm
My friend Daniel and myself have been working on some new music lately, and I'm starting to put a few videos up on youtube. Have a look and see what you think! Apologies for the buzzes, both instruments were more or less right off the bench, so still tweaking setup. James Curtis, who built them, was kind enough to let us use them for the videos, so we took the opportunity. I'll be adding to the channel bit by bit, as time and practice allows.
Thanks for watching!

Here's one in 7/8:


And another:


Jan-31-2016, 10:47pm
Well done, thanks for sharing. The first video wouldnt play, but the second was fantastic.

Barry Wilson
Jan-31-2016, 11:53pm
I enjoyed the music, the second video really spoke to me. I could listen to that anytime

Feb-02-2016, 2:19am
Excellent! Thanks for posting. I've been to the shop of James Curtis and seen his instruments up close. Superb. You guys did great job on these videos.

Feb-03-2016, 11:38am
Thanks for the good feedback! James does indeed build beautiful instruments, but that mandola in particular had incredible tone. I'll try to upload a few others soon.

Feb-03-2016, 7:23pm
Congrats on getting this online! You and Daniel did a great job with this project.

Full disclosure: I did the video and sound, and we shot this here in my home. So it was a 100% Port Townsend project, from the luthier to the musicians to the production. It was fun, and I hope to hear more from these guys.