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May-05-2005, 6:13pm
Hey everyone or anyone. Are there any other good pickers in my bluegrass deprived state of CT? I'm in Southington, I'm 40(look 28) and play a Flatiron F5. I'm looking to put together or join a high energy bluegrass/jamgrass/rockgrass jaw dropping thing. I'm single and can tour. I play mando pretty darn good according to all my seasoned musician pals. I have a out-going personality and can sing some. I played guitar pro for over 20 years on both coasts and have lots of stage experience. All that rock playing has givin my mando playing a bit of an aggressive edge. I love and play some Monroe,Grisman,Bush,Thile ect. and bands like Osbourne bro's,Allison Kraus,Old and in the way,Yonder Mountain string band and many others. Not looking for the suit and tie good boy thing. If you feel your like minded and humbley feel your a decent picker(s) or know a picker(s) who can step out of the traditional box once in a while,please contact me. I'm also thinking of doing weekly jams at my house if I can get the interest. See you all at the Strawberry park festival. Ron

David Miller
May-06-2005, 7:18am

Imagine this.... I am also in Southington and a fellow mando-ist. I play a Collings MT, and have been mostly playing old-timey, Dawg music and jazz on the mando (some of my recordings are on the Mando Project). I recently had an ad in the Advocate looking for fellow players. I would love to get some sort of a jam set up and running, or at the very least get together with you and just play. Nice to know I am not the only picker in the central CT area!


May-07-2005, 11:36am
Hey Dave, I emailed you,not sure if it went through. Would like to get together Ron.

El Rey del Mando
May-07-2005, 4:17pm
Madman,I'm in norwalk,My brother is in monroe.I have a flatiron F5A and others.My brother also has a flatty and others.We were called Misty woods for years.We have been playing bluegrass fo 30 years.I play banjo and upright bass also.We will be at strawberry.

May-07-2005, 5:19pm
cool, I'll see ya there. I'll keep an eye out for you, as you'll be the guys with the pile of flatirons. I'll be field camping,the guy who just won't stop pickin his flatty for four days, can't miss me !

Jun-02-2005, 7:46pm
My life is crazy these days but I hope to be at strawberry Sunday, with a Gibson A9, energetic 4-year-old and less-than-thrilled wife! Also, I work in Bristol - you guys ever check out that jam at the senior center in Bristol? http://www.ctbluegrass.org has details.

Jul-05-2005, 5:51am
am in Beacon Falls -

have mando - mandocello-

into way more than just bluegrass

give me a call