View Full Version : my new youtube mandolin channel.

Jan-26-2016, 1:00pm
This is the link to my new mandolin based youtube channel. Feel free to take a look, im hoping to upload regular however today is launch day haha.


Thanks all ☺

Jan-26-2016, 3:48pm
Nice job man! Fun ain't it?

Jan-26-2016, 7:47pm
Nice. Looking forward to it.

Jan-27-2016, 1:00am
Thanks both. It is fun! Im hoping it drives me to become a better player whilst being socialy involved with the music community.

Feb-04-2016, 10:44am
A new one for you:

Tobin's Favourite :D


James Rankine
Feb-04-2016, 12:12pm
Very good Liam - great rhythm and tone. You've obviously come from a guitar background -you have a guitar hold on the neck and your using guitar fingering (pinky 5th fret). I'm sure you know this already, but have you considered taking a more conventional approach - fiddle style hold and fingering (ring finger 5th fret). It may not be holding you back at the moment but your obviously a very experienced guitar player and your really going to fly on the mandolin but I think without a more consistent mandolin fingering approach this will slow your progress as you advance. As it is your hand position is shifting around a lot, despite the fact your stay in the first position, just trying to squeeze the pinky onto the high A. In one of your other videos you start with mandolin fingering then switch to guitar style - you need to get a consistent approach.
Where in the UK are you?

Feb-17-2016, 11:13am
check out my version of ger the rigger :D


Feb-17-2016, 11:15am
i think i understand what you are saying, and i do find that i use my pinky far too often! ill try to find a way to make my playing more consistent. im in leicestershire by the way.

thanks for the reply.