View Full Version : Playing around with a tzouras

Jan-25-2016, 1:39pm
A Greek friend loaned me his tzouras -- it is the first round-backed lute I've ever played, I'm having fun with it. Check out some jams I recorded this weekend, while it was snowing out -- my friend says those are some strange sounds to be getting out of a bouzouki...

Jan-25-2016, 1:41pm
song list
Sunshine of your love
After the gold rush
Amazing grace
Barbara Allen
When the saints go marching in
High on a mountain
Psycho Killer

Jan-25-2016, 1:57pm
That's cool that you like the mini-bouzouki! One hint - you're holding it in the "Clapton" video the way most guys want to - but it's not the easiest way. Check out how guys hold that bowl in this:


Believe me it's easier!

Jan-25-2016, 2:25pm
Thanks David, my friend told me the way I'm holding it is old-fashioned :)... I've been meaning to try the other way.