View Full Version : Bluegrass 45

Mar-04-2004, 7:23am
Listening to this show, what a great band. Saw them once at the old Corinth (NY) festival, they were good, entertaining and funny. Before each tune, they would huddle up like a football team, then jump into the tune, very dynamic. Akira, mando boy, was hot - a combination of Duffey, Red Rector and his own style. Last I heard, he has Duffey's old F-12.

Scotti Adams
Mar-04-2004, 8:02am
..I remember seeing them in the late 70's at Beanblossom..they were festival favs...got to jam with them along with Big Mun too...Ive got pics somewhere...and yes..Akira has Duffys F12 and his Duck also...plus Duffy had made him his own Duck way back when...