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Jan-18-2016, 6:40pm
An unusual board appeared in my kindling pile today. Had a big burl on it. I think I'll see if it grows any bigger.

F-2 Dave
Jan-18-2016, 6:50pm
Oh yeah, I've seen those before. Wait, no I haven't.

Jan-18-2016, 7:05pm
It might be more familiar from another perspective.

Jan-18-2016, 8:11pm
How fast WAS that mandolin going when it ran into that board?

Jim Garber
Jan-18-2016, 8:19pm
I think is it a species of shelf fungus.

Barry Wilson
Jan-18-2016, 8:20pm
You must have been real bored

Jan-20-2016, 3:18pm
It might be more familiar from another perspective.
Did you drink that whiskey?

Jan-20-2016, 3:40pm
There's a story behind that whiskey. But yes I did drink it. I'm no fool. Whiskey sitting in a bottle is just a hope and a prayer, nothing else.
My wife had heard me say that PVW was a great bourbon, so she went looking for a bottle for my 60th birthday (10 years ago believe it or not). It doesn't exist on the west coast, or didn't then (and it is very hard to get now). Finally, in frustration, she called the distillery itself and was connected to Julian VanWinkle himself.
He was very gracious, but told her that federal law prevented distilleries from selling directly to the public. But, he volunteered to go to a nearby town where a friend of his owned a liquor store and have a bottle mailed. It was, and arrived with his autograph and a lovely message on it. I'm sure it wasn't cheap, but his going the extra mile endeared ORVW to me forever.
Some years ago, there was a very funny story in the Oxford American and Paris Review (http://www.theparisreview.org/letters-essays/6048/mister-lytle-an-essay-john-jeremiah-sullivan) about a bottle of the stuff that appeared in the coffin of a famous, but obscure, Southern writer (Andrew Lytle) who I knew in college. A friend of mine, interestingly enough, was responsible for the deed (I won't call it a prank as Mr. Lytle was a famous inbiber and would have loved to go to hell or heaven or anywhere else with a bottle of ORVW) which endeared him to Mr. VanWinkle. Very good whiskey, but I don't think VanWinkle distills it themselves any more.
Good stuff... the whiskey and the stories.

Jan-20-2016, 3:48pm
"While the dark ones go to bed, with good whiskey in their head......."

Jan-20-2016, 4:29pm
Great story, Bill.

Never have tasted PVW. I've had really good whiskeys, but it's all been very accessible stuff. No rarities, or anything.

It's certainly an enjoyable pastime.

Rarely helps my mandolin playing, but what're ya gonna do.