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John Uhrig
Jan-17-2016, 8:24pm
Just received my new Eastman From Bernunzio's. They were great to work with! I also got the fiberglass case too. This mandolin really rings! It is strung up with the Calace RW92. They are a little different from what I'm use to,(TI's) but sound great on this. These are the pics from their website, but I hope to post my own pics or maybe a video soon. 142742142743142744

Jan-17-2016, 8:38pm
They had 2 of those over the holidays. I looked at them every day and sure enough, the afternoon I went on their site to order one, they were both gone. And at a great price.

To the victor go the spoils. Well done sir and I hope you enjoy it! Look forward to hearing it in a video in the future.

John Uhrig
Jan-17-2016, 9:52pm
Thanks. Yes...They were at a great price! I had been watching them for awhile, and when I had decided to buy the rosewood model, it was gone. Figured I better get the maple before it disappeared also. John & Julie were just the greatest folks to deal with.

Jan-17-2016, 10:10pm
That's lovely.

If that sounds half as good as it looks, it's something special.

And it's a "real" mandolin! (kidding, BG'ers!)

John Uhrig
Jan-17-2016, 11:02pm
I've had a couple of other bowlbacks, an old American-Conservatory style and a No-Name ( looks like a Ibanez/Suzuki ) They don't hold a candle to this one in sound, ease of play or even looks.

Jan-18-2016, 3:25am
Congratulations - you don't see many of those around, be interesting if you could get a sound clip up?

Jan-18-2016, 11:36am
Someone had one of these at the CMSA convention in Minneapolis a few years ago. You could hear it clearly in the orchestra. It was loud and had a nice tone. It was not a great tone like some others but nice enough for everyone to take notice. (I want one too...).

Jim Garber
Jan-18-2016, 4:30pm
The one I played a few years ago was very nice. I have a feeling that these are not being imported into the US much these days. In fact, i think the cases are not either. Does anyone know that for a fact?

John Uhrig
Jan-18-2016, 6:17pm
I know that Bernunzio's gave me a choice of 2 different colors when I bought mine. I went with the green...LOL

Jan-20-2016, 12:43am
John Bernunzio's got an "in" with Eastman; he helped design their open-back banjos, the EBJ-WL1 "Whyte Laydie" clones. (http://bernunzio.com/product/eastman-ebj-wl1-20509/) Cool Eastman stuff shows up in his store with some regularity, including a bunch of perfectly serviceable "B stock" instruments from time to time, at bargain prices. Worth keeping an eye on his website...

John Uhrig
Mar-09-2016, 11:29pm
A little Vivaldi on the new Eastman

John Uhrig
Mar-29-2016, 10:53pm
Something from my Cristofaro book https://youtu.be/NSN62q2Tpc8

Jim Garber
Mar-29-2016, 11:10pm
For convenience — embedded: