View Full Version : photo posting 'fail'

Cary Fagan
Jan-13-2016, 9:23am
Hey all, I'm trying to post a pic. Know how to do it but when I try to load the pic from my computer it tells me it has 'failed.' Help?

Jan-13-2016, 9:24am
Reduce the size of the image. It's a known problem.

Ken Waltham
Jan-13-2016, 1:02pm
Yep, I had the same problem too. Funny thing was.. how did I end up saving my photos to my hard drive so big? No idea, as I never had the trouble before.

Cary Fagan
Jan-13-2016, 5:55pm
I thought so. Now I just have to figure out how. Off to google it...

Jan-13-2016, 6:09pm
You could start a Photobucket account for free-- which I did. It then gives you a link to share it and you can upload that way without problems. I use the "Direct" link choice of the four offered, and it is successful. I have the same difficulty, off and on, with those I upload from my hard drive. Photobucket is easy to use and it does not take long. Great for selling, posting and showing off instruments! :)

Jan-13-2016, 6:20pm
Most phones and cameras save large by default. If you're using Windows you don't need any other software other than Microsoft Paint (part of Windows). Open the image in Paint, select Resize, make the horizontal and vertical size a number less than 100, like 75 and 75 and see if the image is smaller. I generally work with a copy of the original to preserve the original. Save it as another name.