View Full Version : Ne me quitte pas (Jacques Brel)

Martin Jonas
Jan-09-2016, 9:08pm
Jacques Brel: Ne me quitte pas

Following on from my version of "Amsterdam", here is another Jacques Brel song, played on mandolin with tenor guitar accompaniment. I picked some photos that I hope catch the mood, time and place of the song.

1890s Umberto Ceccherini mandolin
Vintage Viaten tenor guitar


Jan-11-2016, 11:48am
Very nice, Martin, with a great selection of screen shots.

Jan-19-2016, 8:58pm
You're crushing me with this, bro'. My Mama was of that generation of American women who just melted over JB. My sister grew up that way, too. Influenced us all.

My brothers called him un monstru, but not out of lack of some little respect.

Don't believe the Trump press. We (real) Americans think the French rule. (I know Brel is from Belgium, but it is that Gallic soul any Irishman can relate to.)

You are out on some crazy thin ice, my friend. Skate on!


Jan-22-2016, 7:35am
Brel was raised by Flemish parents in Brussels so I am not sure how far his soul was Gallic. I think he had struggled a lot with his identity, as a Fleming living in a primarily French-making city and then gaining fame singing in the French language. He did actually sing quite a few songs in Flemish. There is a multi-DVD box of all Brel's performances, with English subtitles if I recall. They are a joy to watch because it is his performance as much as his songs that add to his greatness.