View Full Version : The Old Mountaineer

Jan-06-2016, 2:51pm
Might as well post the other video I made today. This song is so hard! I've been playing it for such a long time (several years) but I still can't seem to get it just right. Do any of you play this tune?


Trey Young
Jan-06-2016, 3:07pm
I don't know the tune well enough to comment on whether or not you got it "just right", but you do an outstanding job with it either way! Also, I love the sound you get out of that Campanella!

Jan-07-2016, 7:43am
Well done, Jonas...the sound of that Campanella is enough to incite another round of MAS...

Jan-07-2016, 2:17pm
Nice work!


Jan-07-2016, 2:47pm
Thanks y'all! :)

John Hill
Jan-07-2016, 4:40pm
From the looks of it you also need to play Woodchopper's Reel... :grin: