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Jan-06-2016, 1:49pm
Hi mandolin people, here's me playing Liberty on my Campanella A5. Enjoy!


Ivan Kelsall
Jan-07-2016, 4:58am
Hi Jonas - Nice playing indeed & you have a great band as well !. Your song ''Death Is A Friend'' ( & the other songs) still gets a lot of plays in my home - an amazing mandolin intro.on that song,& what a beautiful voice Josefin has,:disbelief:

Bill Snyder
Jan-07-2016, 11:20am
Jonas, glad you posted a couple of videos. Seems that was more common a few years back. Always enjoy your offerings.
Do you still play you IV Kit mandolin any or has the Campanella made it a dust collector?

Josh Levine
Jan-07-2016, 11:50am
Jonas, love your videos. Your style seems to have some major Mike Compton influence. Would you say that is true? Did you get online lessons from him in the past?

Josh Levine
Jan-07-2016, 12:31pm
I suppose Compton style = Monroe style, so maybe you spent a lot of time studying Monroe.

Zach Wilson
Jan-07-2016, 1:12pm
Right on! That was great :)

Denny Gies
Jan-07-2016, 2:16pm
Nice job.

Jan-07-2016, 2:42pm
Hey thanks everyone for checking it out. Glad you like it. (The Campanella does sound great doesn't it?)

I used to do videos more often before, but I've got little kids now and a 50 year old house taking up a lot of my time. I still play a lot of mandolin (and other instruments) in my band and by myself, but don't work up tunes all that often, and finding quiet times to record videos are rare. I hope to get back on track a few years down the line.

I'm definitely heavily influenced by Mike Compton. Bill Monroe too, but I haven't studied him as close as I have Mike C (never did the lessons though). I really like the rhythmic feel in both those players, which I feel is the hardest thing to get right in this style. That and the slides ;)

Jan-07-2016, 2:45pm
And thanks Ivan for the kind words!

About the IV kit, it did become a dust collector the moment I got the Campanella, it just can't compare. I keep it in sawmill tuning but don't really get around to play it much at all.