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May-03-2005, 5:39pm
The Harbour Folk Society celebrates its 25th Anniversay this year.We sponsor a Coffee House year round on Monday nights,from 7 to 10 in a Cafe in Central Halifax. Great accoustics, mostly featured artists with open participation. We also have a Wednesday night open song circle from 7 to 10 at the Dartmouth Ferry Terminal. All are welcome to come and join in.

Check out our website:

If you are vacationing in or around Halifax this year, we would love to have you. There aren't enough mandolins. Anyone who can sing or play an instrument.

May-04-2005, 3:44pm
Hi Glen,
it just so happens I'll be in Halifax on business, June 1-5... but unfortunately, that doesn't include a Monday night! I know that there's the Celtic Feis going on that weekend... anything else I should know about?

May-04-2005, 4:27pm
I'll ask around and let you know. I hope the weather holds, it has been lovely lately.

I just checked my notes, the Nova Scotia Wildlife Festival is on the 5th. It is in Eastern Passage, about 5 miles out toward the mouth of the harbour on the Dartmouth side. Some of our Members/associates will perform. You can watch the ospreys feed, a lot of them nest on the islands at the mouth of the harbour.

Hope you enjoy the trip.

If anyone wishes to email me, my address in in my personal info.