View Full Version : Where to shop in Cambridge ?

Avi Ziv
May-03-2005, 7:50am

I'll be in the UK later on this month - in Calbridge. Is there a good shop for trad cd's? In particular, I'm looking for Irish and Scottish Traditional music, both commercial and independent releases.


Martin Jonas
May-03-2005, 10:12am
I used to live in Cambridge, but moved away four years ago, so this may be slightly out of date.

Cambridge isn't all that big, and the record scene is fairly limited. Andy's Records had the best selection, though not the best prices, before they went bankrupt. Otherwise, there is a decent-sized HMV, with certainly the widest selection in the city now. The independent records shops on King's Street, in particular Parrot Records and Garon Records (jazz and classical mostly and a small but eclectic folk section), are worth a browse. There are several stalls on the central market with occasionally off-beat selections. The stall of Woody's Records is most likely to be of interest if it's still there. Probably the best selection of trad CD in town is in the public library, who for reasons unknown have a policy of buying and stocking the most unlikely micro-label folk releases. Not much use for an out-of-towner, of course, although they do have the occasional sale of old stock for a pittance.


May-04-2005, 8:13am
I can offer an update as a current Cambridge inhabitant.The situation is lamentable at the moment,most of the shops mentioned in the previous post have gone to be replaced by a branch of Fopp and a rapidly downsizing Borders. To blow my own trumpet(ahem)I have a book stall in the Market square which offers a small selection of used jazz, folk and classical cds.Do stop by and say hello.

Taube Marks
May-19-2005, 1:42pm
Frankly you need to take a trip to London, about 50-60 miles away. Best bets are the big HMV on Oxford Street and also upstairs at the big Virgin further along. Borders as mentioned is rapidly downsizing; here in Oxford they have taken out two of the big double sided big racks for CDs and those that are left are often filled with dummy place holders.