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Dec-17-2015, 12:19am
Hey all!

I don't always post, but I've loved the cafe for many a year. Just recently I came out with my first album - all original material, many many different genres - There's Gypsy Jazz, Bluegrass, Ratime, R&B, Funk, Blues, Swing, and even a little Latin!

Anyway, I would love if any of you could listen and tell me what ya think! I wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered, and produced all of it with my drummer friend and am setting up a summer tour.

Here goes nothin'! :mandosmiley:


Everything you hear that sounds like guitar, is me on my 5 string Fender mando, the rest is my Loar (You acoustic folk will like tracks 1, 5-7, and 12, the rest are electric, but hopefully you'll like a couple anyway!).

If you happen to like the sound, you can find us here on the book (https://www.facebook.com/DrunkandInTheWoods)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Dec-17-2015, 8:25am
Nice,I like what U all have put together there zeeku! A lil mixture everyone can find something they like.I like thatkinda bluesy jazz mixture U got going,and I do not like jazz.Wish U all the best on Ur tour.GOOD STUFF,and that's from a die hard classic country and bluegrass man.

Dec-18-2015, 5:36pm
Thank you thank you thank you! So glad someone likes it!

I would love any other takers!

General Johnston
Dec-22-2015, 11:17am
I listened to the first 6 tracks and track 12 all the way through. I just sampled the rest. I like the songs, there is surely a variety. I feel like someone into blues/funk is better to comment on overall sound, because I am also country/bluegrass minded.

Things I especially liked:
Production Quality
Track 3
The female vocals (not to say the other vocals were bad)

Good luck to you!

Lord of the Badgers
Dec-22-2015, 2:10pm
few bars in and I'm knocked for six & very envious of your ability. Great stuff dude
production sounds nice too.

I'm a "if I like it I like it" man, so I'm not limited (very much so) to bluegrass. If that helps!
What I'm not usually is a jazz sort, but my mandolin music playing is starting to have jazz inflections creeping in, so who knows!

great drummer by the way

Dec-23-2015, 1:10am
Jammin' along with track 1 was Awesome! Will catch the rest later. Nice job.


Dec-28-2015, 10:50pm
Ah! Thank you all so much, I'm so glad people like it!

I don't know if those of you who posted will check this again, but if you do - would you mind if I ever happened to quote your posts for some gig ammo??

Thank you thank you thank you!

General Johnston
Dec-29-2015, 2:17pm

Don't ever EVER quote something off the internet.
Abe Lincoln told me that.

General Johnston

Jan-02-2016, 2:17pm
Nice playing hank!

To me, the recording sounded compressed but maybe it was my speakers.

Jan-02-2016, 7:16pm
I enjoyed it very much, thanks for posting!