View Full Version : Help with my next mando?

May-02-2005, 4:27pm
Hi Folks,

I'm enjoying this forum and have learned quite a bit by browsing. I currently own a Godin A8 that I run through a Line6 PodLX Live peddleboard, and I've been pretty happy with it. However, I'm beginning to sniff around for 4 & 5 string emandos. Critical aspects of a new instrument would include ease of playing, and a broad range of sounds--perhaps with pickup/switch combinations, piezo & magnetic pickups, etc. Let's pretend that I'm willing to pay around $800 for such a beast. I'd appreciate any recommendations from you all.

Thanks in advance,

May-02-2005, 4:48pm
Talk to Jonathan Mann? Mike Atkinson? Any builders lurking who'd build John an axe for $800 -- with a whammy bar?

May-02-2005, 7:20pm
My dear mrmando,

Might you have a link to Mike Atkinson? Can't seem to find him in cyberspace...