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Dec-15-2015, 3:38pm
I shared this video a week and a half ago, but wanted to put it on here with the above title incase anyone is shopping for a Morris (NFI) in the future and wants to hear sound clips. I love Sonny, and I am very thankful to play his mandolin! :)

Dec-18-2015, 7:37pm
Nice job, Andrew!

Way to represent the mando community - nice picking on a nice song.

Dec-23-2015, 5:26pm
Andrew and Chris-- I am a big Howard "Sonny" Morris fan, as well. He built me a beautiful A style Oval Hole with the specifications for woods that he provides as options. Mine has a Cedar top and Maple Back and Sides. The fretboard is cocobolo. The tone is as good as it gets. Wow. A woody, mellow sound that is a complete tone. The action is so comfortable. I have been using Martin Bronze Light Gauge strings, such as he puts on the instruments after completion. I tried D'Addario J74's also, but the tone is best with the Lights, to my ears. On my profile I have a photo album of my Morris! Take a look if you would like. Thanks for posting this thread.