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Dec-07-2015, 7:45am


Dec-07-2015, 11:44am
Great stuff! Are you singing in Hindi?

Dec-07-2015, 1:27pm
Bill that's Bengali! Thanks :)

Dec-07-2015, 1:50pm
That was great, really enjoyed that. Do you guys have a record up on CDBaby or anything?

Dec-07-2015, 1:55pm
Thanks, diptanshu,
I am enjoying your YouTube page now.
How did you get interested in American bluegrass?

Steve Ostrander
Dec-07-2015, 2:27pm
Good playing on that tune. I really like that. I can't play a lick of Indian music.

jim simpson
Dec-07-2015, 3:10pm
I always like the recording by Jody Stecher and Krishna Bhatt. I digitized my LP a while back.


Dec-07-2015, 7:13pm
So righteous. Beautiful thing, amigo.

Thanks for sharing.


Dave Hanson
Dec-08-2015, 2:11am
Love it.

Dave H

Dec-08-2015, 2:44am
Brilliant! Would like to know a little more about the song since I don't understand the words (but I like them!).


Dec-08-2015, 10:17am
Diptanshu is a long time Cafe member and even with a low post count, he's been a great contributor to our community.

Great playing and video. Thanks for sharing!


Dec-08-2015, 10:51am
really enjoyed your video

lauri Girouard
Dec-08-2015, 10:55am
Thanks for sharing. Well done!

John Norris
Dec-08-2015, 12:30pm

What brand of Mandolin are you playing. Sounds SUPER. Enjoyed the music.

John Norris
Dec-08-2015, 12:39pm
What brand of Mandolin, are you Playing

Dec-08-2015, 4:56pm
+1 on the sound of that mandolin that was the first thing that I noticed then I noticed what a good job the picker of said mandolin was doing thanks for sharing that

Dec-09-2015, 8:55pm
Fine playing, nice video -- even though I couldn't understand a word of it!

Looks like an Eastman mandolin, with a broken peghead in the Bill Monroe style...

Dec-11-2015, 2:36am
thanks! :)

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thats an eastman with a broken scroll :(

Dec-11-2015, 2:37am
thats an eastman... in the video but i played a gibson a9 on the recording if i remember correctly! :D

Dec-11-2015, 2:38am
thanks lauri... one day i shall have one of yours :)

Dec-11-2015, 2:43am
thats a traditional boatman song from the bengali folk tradition. details and purchase links on the website of my bandmate arko.

thanks for listening!

- - - Updated - - -

its a gibson a9 on the recording as far as i can remember.

Dec-11-2015, 2:50am
hey jamie
thanks for the share on the website! i owe a lot to mandolin cafe.. read it every week and for many years now. its hard to keep up with whats happening in the bluegrass scene.. as there is no scene in kolkata, where i live. i am the only bluegrass player in this country as far as i know! never met another mandolin player playing this style of music in india! its crazy.

last year i made a trip to the mandolin symposium and then to mt shasta fiddle camp and that changed my perception of this music quite a bit. i have only learnt online looking at videos before that... never really interacted with real players that much! i hope to be back in the US with arko to do some gigs next year!

all i can say is without a forum like this... i would never have played this music


Dec-11-2015, 3:03pm
so I listened to your music a while ago. The melody is still stuck in my head. Truly enjoyable to listen.
I have to say that many years ago I would spend hours in the basement of my university library listening to and looking for interesting music they had. I asked them to make a copy of "Bengali Streetmusic" onto cassette. I think I wore it out. Great musical tradition there indeed.

Dec-12-2015, 12:01am
Glad you enjoyed the video.... We'll Bengali street music.... You can look up my folk music channel called YouTube.com/Folkpick you'll find some there

Dagger Gordon
Dec-12-2015, 2:10am
Diptanshu and his lovely wife Karrie were at the Mandopolis mandolin festival in France a few years ago.
Really good to meet them. Apart from his bluegrass playing, he played some interesting music from the Baul people, and indeed gave me a CD by a Baul singer which he had produced. Very nice chap indeed.

Here is a wee jam which shows what happens when an Indian, a Scotsman and a Frenchman (Patrick Vaillant of the Melonious Quartet) get together. Arkansas Traveller!

http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A1eKkYY0KhY&itct=CBUQpDAYASITCMHCoIzg1ckCFcWpHAodXs4C51IYZGFnZ 2VyIGdvcmRvbiBtYW5kb3BvbGlz&hl=en&client=mv-google&gl=GB

Dec-14-2015, 1:48am
haha... yeah dagger that was so much fun!:mandosmiley: