View Full Version : Hooper Guitars and Mandolins

Dec-06-2015, 9:37pm
Just wanted to post up the pics of a new Mandolin my friend and talented builder Ken Hooper just finished. Just beautiful...

Dec-07-2015, 11:45am
Let's hear it!

Skip Kelley
Dec-10-2015, 6:44am
Ken, does some nice work!!!

Bill Snyder
Dec-10-2015, 8:24am
Hooper is not a name I have seen much, if at all, on the Mandolin Cafe. If that mandolin looks as good in person as it does in those photos it is a beautiful instrument. It would appear that the gentleman has some skills.

Richard J
Dec-10-2015, 9:29am
very nice, love that it doesn't have that "long" extended fretboard.

Dec-10-2015, 1:22pm
Thanks for the compliments. I love building mandolins but Im primarily a guitar builder so I dont have time to build many. I always tell folks that I like to build a mandolin once in awhile in order to make me appreciate building guitars...:)

Dec-12-2015, 9:49pm
Ken most certainly has some serious skills! I was fortunate to see this mandolin a couple of times during the build process. I've got a couple of his guitars and on the list for a third. Not sure how many mandolins he has out yet.

Dec-17-2015, 4:37pm

These are pictures of my Hooper #44 D-18 Sunburst. Just as pretty as the mano at the beginning of the thread.