View Full Version : Collings MT2 and Kentucky KM950 Guess Which is Which...

Dec-01-2015, 12:15pm
Just made a quick recording this morning to see the difference between my collings mt2 and kentucky km950. Sorry for the sloppy pickin and timing. ;)

Which one is which?

I should record this again cleaner for a better sound comparison...
Here's the link... I can't embed the link for some reason...


George R. Lane
Dec-01-2015, 12:26pm
They both sounded pretty good to me. I think the 950 is the first one.

Dec-01-2015, 12:36pm
MT2 then the 950

Dec-01-2015, 1:03pm
Collings was first, with the kentucky chopping, then it was flipped.

Dec-01-2015, 1:11pm
My guess is the KM 950 then the MT2. I own a KM 950 and a MT2V so this is a comparison I am interested from a personal standpoint. I think it would also be instructive to compare rhythm tracks as well without the melody playing.

Were all things equal in terms if strings and picks? How old are the respective instruments? Does the Collings have the stock Adirondack top or Englemann?

Darren Bailey
Dec-01-2015, 1:23pm
Trick question - the first is a Rogue and the second is a Washburn (only joking, they sound great).

Mark Wilson
Dec-01-2015, 5:24pm
Kentucky then Collings

Bill Snyder
Dec-01-2015, 10:41pm
He already said which was which in post #4

Dec-02-2015, 7:58am
I should mention that both mandolins have fresh EXP74CM's on them, and are both being played with a CT55.

Mark Wilson
Dec-02-2015, 9:07am
He already said which was which in post #4