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May-01-2005, 9:24am
This is a shot of my Flatiron with a fishman crown mini mic/transducer combo. #I use a 90 degree TRS stereo cable to a fishman blender.
I just bought a Collings MT2 that I want to place a condenser mic only on, as I really don't like or use the transducer. I have been looking at the Isomax2, but cannot seem to come up with a jack solution that would free me from this carpenter jack that looks like hell, but works very well.

How about some pictures of other rigs that would help get me over the hump?




May-01-2005, 9:35am
Here's my pickup system . . .

Sorry, couldn't resist http://www.mandolincafe.net/iB_html/non-cgi/emoticons/tounge.gif

May-01-2005, 10:04am
I use an Isomax II and have (for years) used a "system" that invloves getting some really sticky double sided tape cut to fit the foot of the bridge on the "e" string side f-hole. One side of this tape gets stuck to the foot of the bridge, the other gets stuck to the fuzzy side of some velcro (also cut to the profile of the foot of the bridge)

I use another piece of the double sides tape (sorry for the redundancy but again, cut to the size of the bridge tape/velcro) and stick it right behind the capsule of the IsomaxII. The bottom side of this pices of tape gets the mating piece of velcro and the top side gets a piece of black duct tape to secure the cable in place.

Now, when I want to use the mic. I loop the capsule / cable underneath the tailpiece and stick the two pieces of velcro together. The result is that the IsomaxII capsule hangs right over the f hole in perfect position for close micing. When I'm done, I seperate the two pieces of velcro and my mandolin is perfectly intact save for the small fuzzy piece of velcro on the foot of the bridge.

No permanent alterations to the instrument, no ugly junk hanging on to my gorgeous Smart mandolin when I'm done and .... it works great!

Hope this helps!