View Full Version : Progress on my F Style made by Keith Edward Coleman

Nov-20-2015, 6:34pm
A pumpkin burst. Almost finished.

Nov-20-2015, 10:56pm
very nice love the burst!!

Nov-20-2015, 11:29pm
Looking good!
I gotta say though, I was too scared to cut my f-holes that big before it was varnished, strung, and dried. I am still sanding them out every so often, actually, after several months of "completion".
But that is a pretty thing you have made!

Nov-21-2015, 12:06am
I am filled with great anticipation - can hardly wait for Mr. Coleman to finish it. He puts a lot of TLC into his instruments.

Pittsburgh Bill
Feb-24-2017, 2:15pm
I am now eagerly awaiting my A style,oval hole mandola Mr. Coleman is building for me. After researching many builders, I selected Mr. Coleman to build my mandola upon customer testimonials (including this thread) and converstions/correspondance with Mr. Coleman that gave me a great sense of confidence. I look forward to receiving my dola in May and providing the Cafe with pictures and a sound clip.

Denny Gies
Feb-24-2017, 2:53pm
Anticipation is a bummer, take two aspirin and call me in the morning.

Mar-14-2017, 12:12am
That's very cool man!