View Full Version : #13, five-string octave semi-acoustic thang

Magnus Geijer
Nov-19-2015, 7:03pm
Always wanted one of these type of things, and I found this piece of quilted that needed to be turned into a top. Going to go back and redo the bridge and tail piece, but oooh, this stuff is fun!




F-2 Dave
Nov-19-2015, 11:58pm
Beautiful job. I like that a lot.

Nov-20-2015, 4:28am
Beautiful job. I like that a lot.

+1 Looks a whole load of fun - what tuning are you using?

Skip Kelley
Nov-20-2015, 7:36am
Magnus, that is so cool! That is some fine looking quilt!!

Nov-20-2015, 9:25am
Magnus, I have some rosewood tun o matic style bridges if you are interested made out of rosewood and ebony.

Magnus Geijer
Nov-20-2015, 9:33am
Thanks! I went with GDAEB, on an 18" scale. Seems to be a better fit for my big mitts than the standard mandolin scale.

The quilt was an ebay find at $10, one-piece, just a hair under an inch thick, so there's more carved curve to the top than the pictures show. The seller had it listed as birds-eye. One piece-back from a local lumber yard, and sides and neck center-strip are local walnut. It has the weight of a mid-size Buick, but it sustains forever. I foresee more of these beasts in my near future.

Magnus Geijer
Nov-20-2015, 9:39am
That is an interesting bridge! I take it there's a five-string version available? What's the minimum height it will go to? Mine is awfully low.

GarY Nava
Nov-20-2015, 10:56am
Some interesting stuff in this thread! Thanks for posting.
Cheers Gary

Nov-20-2015, 11:19am
It's 7/16" tall but there is around 1/8" that you could sand off the bottom and/or remove some of the material that goes under the thumb screws.