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Scott Tichenor
Apr-30-2005, 10:04am
There's been some discussion around a topic where people can post information about jams, get-togethers, etc. here. I've asked for some folks to help organize this but it doesn't seem to have gone anywhere so I'm going to test the waters on how much demand there is for this by just opening it up for posting. If the volume is there then I'll look into a way to organize this. You can always use the search function for just this category if there gets to be a lot of posts.

Suggestion: in your Topic Title put your state and city. In the Topic Description put the type of event. Example:

Illinois, Chicago
Jam Session

I think that will help people find an event by state first and then by city. One note, this isn't meant to be a spot to list gigs, festivals, concerts. I'd suggest that go in the General topic area. Post away. Have fun and we'll see where it goes.

Scott Tichenor
Apr-30-2005, 10:06am
Additional note: don't append events/jams to this particular thread. Start a new one for each event and then if people want to ask questions then they can do that in the individual thread. Make sense?

Apr-30-2005, 11:28am
Big thanks, Scott. Yes, it does make sense, but what do you prefer for serial events? Should monthly events start a new thread each month or start a single thread and append that original each month?

Scott Tichenor
Apr-30-2005, 11:43am
I'd think monthly events would only need to be posted once and it should simply state in the body that it's monthly. Otherwise it's redundant.

May-05-2005, 5:16pm
Thanks so so much Scott. I'm new to the cafe and was wondering why this great site of yours did'nt have a place for people to find others for picks and jams or finding an audition or people to audition in their areas,this is a happy day indeed!Purhaps a post for gigs and shows would be in order also. Are there other web sites like this, but for other acoustic instuments? It would be great if they could all share links to each other.Now that would be an acoustic pickers network! Kudos to you !

May-08-2005, 12:47am
Thanks for the effort again Scott. Looks like this topic/section is rolling! More thanks coming....

May-13-2005, 4:44am
you could INTERNATIONAL! as well. i'd love to hear about - and alert those interested in - italian or european venues.

just a thought ... if there's anyone contributing from the armed forces (bases here in europe or the far east) this could be a good place to exchange information on, jams, etc..

i know you know your efforts are appreciated, scott - but i wonder if you know just how much.

sincerely - bill

Aug-02-2005, 7:07pm
1 person could add an update each month to keep the topic near the top