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Nov-03-2015, 11:53am

Well if you have been following the build its finally done. Its the first custom i have done in quite awhile, about twelve years. JF5#62 was a fun build and a nice break from standard A and F models. Although in my standard models i always try to incorporated exotic woods to set them apart.
The mandolin has an x-braced englemann top and PA sugar maple back and sides that has some really nice figure. It does have a birth mark very close to the neck heel.A dark spot that was hidden came through in the carving. It sets it apart,makes it one of a kind and gives it character.The finish is catalyzed varnish. The catalyzed varnish cures a little harder and sooner than traditional varnish but the patina overtime has that soft warm glow. Sound wise it is very typical of what i have been building using the x-bracing. Good volume ,sustain but most important is the evenness and balance up and down and across the neck. Enjoy the pics! and Thanks for looking!

Walter "JUNE" mandolins and guitars

Denny Gies
Nov-03-2015, 12:47pm
Nice job, you should be proud.

Nov-03-2015, 2:25pm
Very impressive! Congratulations!

Steve Sorensen
Nov-03-2015, 3:12pm
Well, that turned out nicely!

Nov-03-2015, 3:17pm
That is beautiful.I love that body style! Congrats.love to hear it

Nov-03-2015, 6:50pm
very very nice. love the headstock design/shape and the 3 point body.

Skip Kelley
Nov-04-2015, 6:35am
Walt that looks great! The stain really brings out the figure in the wood!