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Oct-27-2015, 9:10pm
I acquired this harp today, unexpectedly, so a nice surprise. Sorry about the poor quality image. The box wood has this beautiful figure - almost like a koa - really pronounced - the dark photo of course doesn't show it much. Does walnut finish like this? The neck and column are made from walnut, so I'm guessing the box is as well ?


Jim Garber
Oct-27-2015, 9:57pm
Where was this made? That might give you a clue as to the type of wood.

Oct-27-2015, 10:03pm
Ah! Sorry. Unfortunately I have no idea. Belonged to a woman in Western Montana, recently deceased. Bears no mark or ID by the builder - only '21-6-5,' which I presume is the date. The box wood has ornate tiger-striping from one angle, then a shimmering burl from another - several nice knots.

*Okay I took a pic and uploaded the thing. The stripe just jumps out under this light .. but in daylight the burl dances all around. I don't think I've seen black walnut like this .. not b. walnut?..maybe white walnut? No idea. Barnwood? ;)

The former owner has applied 'note' labels - I'll have to pull that off .. what's a good way to remove old scotch tape? - birch I think, not sure..

Oct-28-2015, 1:42am
Ha - j u st realized it's probably maple.. just spaced that right out! Because of the color..
I got the tape off of it .. without too much trouble

Skip Kelley
Oct-28-2015, 5:25am
That's nice looking figure!

Oct-28-2015, 10:10am
Two household tips for removing tape gum: (1) If you were able to pull off a sticky piece, or if you have a similar kind of tape handy, dab it on the gum that remains, and it will lift the gum off with it. Something about this always strikes me as illogical/impossible, but it really does work, most of the time. (2) Ethyl alcohol, aka ethanol, is an excellent household solvent, and often works to remove gummy substances. You can buy it in near-pure form from your neighborhood liquor store, where it's called "Everclear". The standard warning applies: if you try this, *always* try a small experimental spot first in a location where it won't hurt if it does something bad to the finish. You may want to consult with the MC luthiers on this first.

Oh, and: the tiger stripe on that instrument is spectacular!

Jerry M.

Oct-28-2015, 10:30am
Don't use alcohol if the finish is shellac. It will dissolve in alcohol.
BTW, it looks like maple to me, too.

Oct-28-2015, 10:33am
Thanks all - the soundboard is that typical on many harps: what I might describe (without real knowledge of such things) as a matte finish?

Here's another pic with more nat lighting -