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Oct-22-2015, 11:35pm
Hey folks. This is a somewhat new to me Brentrup stealth that I picked up around Memorial day. It WAS in mint condition when I got it. Cant say that still stands true :( but its being played and loved. The playability is just off the charts easy on the hands. In fact, I'd say that it is a major factor in my left hand/wrist tendonitis finally healing up a little! I'm at the point to where I may be able to perform a full set again soon. It allows me to play soft and still get the substantial volume and tonal characteristics I'm looking for.
Hope you enjoy the photos.

Since I got it I added an arm rest which i modified to make a little more streamline. I think it started out as a Siren?? not sure... it was a hand me down.

I also got a set of waverlys made up for me. They are unique in the way that its an F set of waverlys with the medium length shafts, almost like an A set. Hans had originally modified a set of Gotohs that were an F set so putting an A waverly set would have brought the tuner buttons way too high up on the headstock. These work amazing. The gotohs did not. Must have been a dud set or just sat too long without use.. I dont know for certain.

hope you enjoy the mando eye candy

Steve Sorensen
Oct-23-2015, 1:19am
My mandolin-design hero's work right there. Fantastic.


Ivan Kelsall
Oct-23-2015, 2:35am
From Steve above - "My mandolin-design hero's work right there.". I think that maybe the ''pupil has surpassed the teacher' there Steve. Hans' designs were & still are very beautiful, & if that's where you got the inspiration for your own designs,then that's just one more thing we owe to Hans,

Oct-23-2015, 11:25am
Enjoy it. I love Hans' work.


John Soper
Oct-24-2015, 1:17am
Whoa Nellie! Let us know if/when you put that up on the Classified Ad section, or PM me when you get tired of this Piece of Art. MAS calls...

Manfred Hacker
Oct-24-2015, 10:20am
Now give us some ear candy !

General Johnston
Oct-26-2015, 7:17am
Those points! The tuners ain't bad, either.

Oct-26-2015, 10:14am
Oh yes, I love the Stealth! Steve, no wonder I always find your designs so beautiful, if you were so inspired.

Nov-29-2015, 6:26pm
Now give us some ear candy !

Hi Manfred Hacker! What kind of case are you keeping your stealth in? I'm anxious to get a case and don't want to wait for a custom order. Wondering what stock cases may fit.

Manfred Hacker
Nov-30-2015, 7:03am
I use a
Bobelock Fiberglass Arrow Mandolin Case.

It did not fit right away, I had to apply some force in one area of the padding. Now it fits like a glove.