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Oct-21-2015, 10:10am
Hi, here is another non-traditional mando project that i have been working on. There is an interesting story behind this mando. Its actually F5#29 I built back in 2003. I will share the story when i get the mando completed and ready for sale. Its a killer sounding mando. This particular customer of mine had a really good ear for picking out some of the best mandos i have ever built. He also liked the non-traditional look. He is a very versatile musician and plays everything from gypsy jazz,celtic,bluegrass,old time etc.He is just a great player. I also acquired F5 #18 back from him which i agreed to never sell and pass on to someone else, as i will my F5#1.

walter "JUNE" mandolins and guitars


Jim Garber
Oct-21-2015, 11:19am
Other than the soundholes, how does it differ from a traditional F-5? Looks like standard woods. What is the bracing and carving like. Were you trying for a different sound as well?

Oct-21-2015, 12:42pm
Hi Jim, the pics do not show it too well,but it has the open scroll design and the peghead has the matching design. Otherwise its basically an F5 with the cosmetic differences. According to my memory it has a european spruce top. That would have been carpathian or german spruce not quite sure which. I built some early mandos using both. Its has tone bar braces,cocobolo fingerboard,cocobolo inlay in the peghead that matches the sound holes,a cocobolo pickgaurd, and a custom ebony tailpiece cover with the same cocobolo inlay as the peghead.

walter JUNE mandolins and guitars

Oct-21-2015, 1:12pm
I like what you did with the sound holes. Nice!

Skip Kelley
Oct-28-2015, 5:28am
Walt, I really like the peghead!