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Oct-21-2015, 6:57am
So my colleagues asked me to play a few tunes at work... resulting in some fairly hilarious "in the act" pictures. Thought I'd share :))

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Oct-21-2015, 9:51am
I play in the solitude of my data center each day.

Oct-21-2015, 10:08am
I play in the solitude of my data center each day.

acoustics must be good :)

Oct-21-2015, 10:30am
I hate playing for co-workers. Hate hate hate.

They are being polite and wanting to get to know me, I understand and appreciate that. But I am 99.9999999% likely to disappoint them with the music I play, forcing them into a fake meaningless "that's nice" response.

I did impress one guy, whose hobby is Civil War reenactment, because I could play Ashokan Farewell, and I could play several authentic Civil War tunes. He was in heaven. Everyone else in the room was trying mightily to not look tortured.

Richard J
Oct-21-2015, 10:45am
I have a bi-weekly jam session at work, 2pm on paydays. We are, one with a ukulele, one with a guitar,and me with my LM-590 mandolin. People love it. Some sing along, but most are just there to listen. Many times people will walk over & ask if/when the jam will happen.

Oct-21-2015, 10:48am
I kinda hate it too, Jeff, in a way, because I'd rather have them show up for my band's concerts instead - and because I know none of them appreciate the music styles I'm into. Though they keep asking for some reason, and are nice enough that I do it anyway :)

Richard, that sounds like fun. I wish we had something like that, but we don't...

Oct-21-2015, 11:27am
A little Eagle preflight music to get the weekend going. I always liked that line, the Eagle flys on Friday. The only fan mail most of us will ever get.

Ivan Kelsall
Oct-22-2015, 1:58am
I tend to agree with the detractors in this !. Unless your colleagues are genuinely interested,it's a bit like being a performing dog - 'Lookit what it can do'' = no way !. Many years ago,i was asked by some workmates to take my banjo into work just before our Christmas break up. I took it into work & with my boss's permission played a few tunes,all of which meant absolutely nothing to any of them. The only thing it demonstrated was that i 'played a banjo' - never again. Not only did it mean a total waste of time,but i felt stupid because i'd played a bunch of meaningless stuff for them,:redface:

Bertram Henze
Oct-22-2015, 2:35am
I think I am looked upon as an enigmatic stranger among coworkers enough as it is, no need to deepen that status by playing. If anybody want to hear me play, they are free to visit my YouTube channel. Also, playing is an emotional thing, and if there is one thing you can't afford in my profession it's emotions.

But good on the OP that there's friendliness and musical enlightenment at his workplace. In a country like his this is more valuable, I guess.