View Full Version : Nava Mandocello Video!!

GarY Nava
Oct-18-2015, 9:23am
A while ago I posted some photos (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?118711-Nava-10-string-mandocello)of my 10 string mandocello, I know that quite a few of you have been wondering what it sounded like. Well, with many thanks to Jonathan (its owner), here he is with ‘cello. The video was recorded on an iPad and the tune is "Hare's Maggot" (trad.) from Playford's English Dancing Master of 1651. The 'cello seems ideally suited to the tune and Jonathan's playing.
You’ll also note that there is one of the pin-point capos at the second fret on the bottom course, giving an open D.


Cheers Gary