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Oct-10-2015, 8:35pm
Been putting this off too long. Last summer I commissioned an F-5 from Matthew Tolley for my 60th birthday. Received the mandolin on May 1st. Absolutely stunning mandolin. Adirondack top, birdseye maple neck, sides and one piece back. Alessi "Special Leaves" tuners. James tailpiece. For those of you that would like a sound clip - don't know how and don't particularly want to learn. But the mandolin was exactly what I was looking for in looks, playability and sound.

Denny Gies
Oct-10-2015, 9:07pm
That is a purty one. Thanks for posting.

Steve Sorensen
Oct-10-2015, 10:02pm
Elegant. Beautiful!

Oct-10-2015, 10:18pm
M.C. Escher drawing a peghead's back.....Superb.

Oct-10-2015, 10:19pm
Absolutely gorgeous!

And Happy Birthday.

Oct-11-2015, 3:51pm
All I can say is "WOW!!" Enjoy!!

Oct-11-2015, 4:48pm
I've played MsFester's new Tolley. It plays and sounds every bit as good as it looks. Matthew has got his mandolin building pretty well dialed in.

Ron McMillan
Oct-12-2015, 8:17am
That has to be one of the most striking-looking mandolins I've seen on the Cafe in a very long time of browsing and admiring other peoples' instruments. Congratulations.

Northwest Steve
Oct-12-2015, 10:27am
Great looking mandolin. I have listened to the sound clips at Greg Boyd's several times and they sound great. I would like to play one of his since I am also in the PNW.

Oct-13-2015, 4:17pm
+1 to what Northwest Steve said above, except I live in the DSW.


Kirk Albrecht
Oct-13-2015, 8:00pm

Skip Kelley
Oct-14-2015, 5:31am
Congratulations! That's a fine looking mandolin!

Oct-15-2015, 2:14pm
Awesome! Mathew does beautiful work.