View Full Version : Slide Show w/Music for facebook

Kevin Briggs
Oct-09-2015, 3:42pm
Hi, Everyone:

I'm trying to make a slide show using 30 pictures set to a 7 minute song. What's the best way to do this/best program to use to eventually upload it to Facebook, or at least YouTube?

Oct-09-2015, 4:27pm
This depends on what result is desired.

I use a presentation program like MS PowerPoint or Open Office Presentation. It is easy to drop in the images and have the audio go while they show on the screen. I think you can save or upload the resulting file in a web friendly format but I usually make presentations with music for the digital projector and sound system.

If you want a youTube video / slide show you might look for a tutorial from YouTube.

Darren Bailey
Oct-09-2015, 5:01pm
hey Kevin, I've done this a number of times using windows movie maker and have always had great results. Drag and drop - no technical knowledge needed. Check out on Youtube "I Love Mandolin" to see an example of what I've done. I don't allow adverts on my videos so i'm not making money off you :)

Kevin Briggs
Oct-10-2015, 7:10am
I appreciate the replies. Unfortunately, I can't get windows movie maker, as my work IT Dept. does not support it. Is there another, similar program?

John Kelly
Oct-11-2015, 7:23am
Hi Kevin,
I use Sony Vegas, a video-making program, and there are many variations around for Windows computers including some freeware ones. Just do a search for Video-creating freeware and see what comes up. As Darren says, it is just a case of drag and drop and Vegas lets me do things to the pictures such as zooming and moving around to create movie effects. I use both camcorder and stills, and many of my scenic YouTube offerings are simply a series of photos linked to a piece of music, the music being the main interest in my case. I have lots of examples on YouTube if you look for me by name or by looking for TheOldBores (my page).