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Neil Dean
Apr-26-2005, 4:07pm
Hey everybody, for all of you that are going to be in attendance at Merlefest, feel free to come by the Sponsors Tent. I will have on display an F-5 and A-5, as well as a Two Point Mandolin. We will also have a few surprises, including a Pete Langdell Slope Shoulder Guitar, a Master Model H-5 Mandola, and a smattering of brand new Rigels with special show prices.

The mandolin pictured here is made of German Spruce and some very nice maple I picked up from Spruce out in WA. These photos really don’t do the figuring justice. It has a varnish finish and all ebony appointments..

So if you happen to be there, come by the Rigel booth and we’ll do some Yankee pickin’.

NeilJDeanMandolins.com (http://www.neiljdeanmandolins.com)

Jonathan James
Apr-26-2005, 7:49pm
Looks nice. i'll be by to check it out at the festival!

Apr-26-2005, 7:59pm
I love the pickguard. #Got the F5 meets an old F2 or F4 thing going on. #Love it when the guard wraps around the bridge.


Apr-27-2005, 9:49am
I met Neal at Wintergrass, another fine up & coming luthier........
check out his instruments if you get a chance!
Wish I could be there at Mfest!!!

Apr-27-2005, 9:49am
Whoops too early......I met NEIL at Wintergrass

Apr-27-2005, 10:25am
I'll try and make my way in their Neal. I'll be there Saturday.

Apr-27-2005, 6:10pm
Yesssss!! I'll be there all four days (and I'm a high school student who most definitely should be at home studying for AP exams...) I'm so excited!


May-02-2005, 4:42pm
Holy cow...Neil's mandolins are perhaps the most easy-playing and great sounding instruments I've played. Too many good things to say about these mandolins! Neil's a wonderful guy to talk to as well.


Lane Pryce
May-02-2005, 4:45pm
I could never catch Neil at the booth.It looked like that F5 had a SOLD label on it.Looked like a goodurn too. Lp

Neil Dean
May-02-2005, 10:27pm
Hey all,
I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who stopped by to hang at the booth, I really enjoyed meeting you all and because of you, we had one of the most hoppin' booths at the fest. It was nonstop...
Brett, your a fantastic player, keep it up.
Some quick (makers) notes because I'm seriously sleep deprived.
The Collings varnish model was a real treat. I like to call it mandolin perfection. Will Kimbles octave/cello (it was strung up as both, depending upon which day) was quite impressive. And finally, Bob Koguts violins, He makes a very fine fiddle and is just a great guy.
Good night,

Lane Pryce
May-03-2005, 8:18am
Neil you are right about Bob and his fiddles.He is a great guy and quite a fiddler too.He did all my set up work on my fiddles so I can vouch for the quality of his work.If anyone wants to see some of his violins look at his site.I had link up but evidently he has changed his home page format.You can do a search on "Kogut Violins" and treat yourself to some fancy carving. Lp

May-04-2005, 12:47pm

It was great meeting you at Merlefest. #I was blown away by the quality of your work and how generous you are with your instruments - there was almost always a rocking jam at your booth! #Your mandos - IMHO - are probably the best "deal" on the scene today. #They all sounded stellar, comparable to mandos being sold at MUCH higher prices. #

May-04-2005, 1:44pm
Neil, stopped by but obviously you weren't around. Talked to a young fella.

Hate that I missed ya.