View Full Version : Elkhorn Mango/Redwood F-5 #46

Sep-30-2015, 12:51pm
Here's the latest Elkhorn off the work bench...F-5 #46. Curly Mango and a 100 year old Redwood sound board with Cocobolo head stock overlay, fret board, and pick guard with EVO gold fret wire to boot. Quite happy with the way this one turned out; sounds pretty amazing with the combination of woods! Someone's going to be pretty stoked when it shows up tomorrow on their front porch! Enjoy






Skip Kelley
Sep-30-2015, 3:32pm
Robb, that looks fantastic! The mango is really cool looking wood!

Oct-01-2015, 11:05am
Awesome scroll! The combination of woods are simply beautiful. So, how does it sound? Care to share?

Ivan Kelsall
Oct-02-2015, 1:53am
Cocobolo again Robb !. I bet it's tough working in a rubber dive suit. Seriously - another terrific looking mandolin. The curly Mango is a glorious wood & contrasts superbly with the Redwood top - stunning !,

Oct-02-2015, 6:00am
Great to see mango getting some love...

Paul Busman
Oct-04-2015, 6:32pm
That's some spectacular workmanship

Steve Sorensen
Oct-05-2015, 1:41am
Love the wood combination and craftsmanship!

Ron McMillan
Oct-05-2015, 3:42am
Very handsome. I really do like to see instruments of different woods from the standard choices, and this one is a beaut.

Oct-07-2015, 7:25am
Hey All, Thanks for all the positive comments! Didn't get a chance to record this one as it was a birthday gift and I was trying to get it delivered on time. Have another Mango/Redwood in the works and will make sure to post and MP3 of that one when completed. Have a couple of fiddle back Koa/Cedar F-5's in the works also. Stay tuned!