View Full Version : Kentucky KM 250

Coffee Guy
Sep-29-2015, 8:41pm
Here are some pictures of my new Kentucky KM250 Mandolin


Sep-29-2015, 9:42pm
Enjoy! Even if you eventually wind up with some higher end instruments down the road, your good 'ol Kentucky will always be handy for traveling, camping, whatever. Worth re-setting up every few years, smoothing sharp fret ends, etc. Love my early 80's 180-B.

Coffee Guy
Sep-29-2015, 9:52pm
Totally. Thats what I use it for. I have an old gibson, and an old martin I am going to have worked on while I have this one for my everyday "working" mandolin. It sounds great, looks great, and Im pretty blown away by it.

Baron Collins-Hill
Sep-29-2015, 10:24pm
That's a beaut!

After slowly making my way up the ladder of higher an higher end mandolins, I recently got a used KM-150 and am loving it to bits. Not to say that it is replacing my Ellis, but I did sell my previous backup mando (a Gibson A9) after buying the Kentucky. Great instruments!

Happy picking,

Sep-30-2015, 12:50am
Yup these "entry level" Kentuckys are just stupid good for those kinds of dollars , IMHO . Enjoy your new 250 .

Darren Bailey
Sep-30-2015, 1:09am
A real beauty - Kentucky mandolins keep coming up trumps.